What to Expect From an Oral Examination in Fishers IN

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Dentistry

Part of having high-quality overall health entails maintaining optimal oral health. To have healthy gums and teeth, it’s necessary to see a dentist on a regular basis. When visiting a new dentist, it’s helpful to learn what to expect from the oral examination in Fishers IN. Doing this will make it easier for the dentist to perform his work and for the patient to have a calm visit. The following information will give more insight into the inspection of a new patient’s mouth.

Most dentists incorporate similar steps into the evaluation of a patient’s mouth. However, each dentist sets his own protocol for this treatment. An initial Oral Examination in Fishers IN will usually be more in depth than subsequent inspections. This examination will include a look at a patient’s head, neck, and mouth. The temporomandibular joint, lymph nodes, salivary glands, teeth, and gums are included in this inspection.

Before an initial oral inspection, a dentist will usually ask the patient about his medical and dental histories. This will help a dentist know what to look for during an oral inspection. The dentist will examine a person’s mouth by sight, sound, smell, and touch. When examining the areas surrounding the mouth and inside the mouth, a dentist will assess for signs of dental disease and dental conditions. Redness, lumps, and certain odors can be indicative of the presence of a dental problem. The dentist will ask the patient to open and close his mouth all the way. While a person has his mouth fully open, the dentist will request that the patient move his lower jaw from side to side. These actions test the temporomandibular joint.

Clinical tests such as X-rays may be ordered to better view the internal parts of the mouth. Most dentists will test for oral cancer and other major diseases. A dentist may recommend that a patient see a specialist to form a proper diagnosis. Often, dentists work together with other dental care providers to help patients have the care they need. For information on dental services, please visit Website Domain. This practice can handle numerous treatments including dental bridges, dental bonding, and dental implants.

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